As mentioned in our previous blog posts, there are numerous benefits of single and bifocal vision lenses.

However, nothing can fully substitute the ease of wearing varifocal vision lenses when it comes to multiple vision problems; that is the reason why we at Reglaze4U have decided to tell you more about them.


What Are Varifocal Vision Lenses?

Varifocal lenses can be proudly called the lenses of the future. They work like magic – they change their power from the top to the bottom. For this reason, all you need to do is to move your eyes up and down to see things up close and far away. So, basically, they work very similar to bifocal lenses, but they don’t have a separating line in the middle of a lens. Instead, they have a transitional area that helps you to observe medium viewing distances. In addition, they look a lot like single vision lenses which is more visually appealing.

This way, varifocal vision lenses allow you to enjoy your life fully: you can read a book whilst on a train and then easily walk through to an exit wearing the same pair of glasses.

How Much Do They Cost?

Reglaze4U offers a few types of high-quality varifocal lenses, such as:

  • Standard, lenses with a scratch resistant hard coating, ideal for first time wearers as they have a smooth progression through the zones. (From £55.)
  • Visio Digital, smart lenses, designed with the most recent technology knowledge. They offer a range of benefits such as: better contrast for natural vision, very quick and easy adaptation, soft multi design etc. (From £75.)
  • Nova Plus, lenses, specifically designed for a wearer to accommodate their exact prescription. They offer a distortion free image and the smoothest power transition possible. (From £90.)
  • Branded Hoya iD Lifestyle 3, customised progressive lenses offering highly accurate vision correction. (From £170.)
  • Wide View Occupational, lenses for working professionals. They allow a wearer to see a bit further away than simple reading lenses and are great for the ones who develop presbyopia losing their ability to focus on multiple distances. (From £85.)

If you are interested in getting varifocal vision lenses, then please contact us at Reglaze4U. It’s always our pleasure to help you with your choice!