There are a wide range of glasses and lenses available online. When we take into account variations such as single vision lenses, bifocal lenses and varifocal lenses it can very quickly begin to get confusing! But fear not, Reglaze4U are here to guide you through the process.

What Are Single Vision Lenses? 

Single vision lenses’ principal focus is to correct a single vision zone, as opposed to multiple vision zones. If you only need glasses for one type of vision, your optician may prescribe single-vision glasses with lenses designed to help people who require correction of farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism. Most people that wear glasses usually get this type.

To put it simply, you might need to wear single vision reading glasses to correct your eyesight if you have difficulty reading text on your phone or computer screen. Otherwise, you might need single vision distance glasses to help you make out traffic signs while driving.

Single vision glasses have just a single optical prescription correction and they distribute focus evenly over the entire surface area of the lenses. Single vision prescriptions only state one type of corrective power which can be plus or minus. If you have multiple prescriptions, you would require bifocal or multifocal glasses.

How many types of Single Vision Glasses are there and how much do they cost? 

There are multiple single vision lens options. Some things to consider:

  • Standard 1.5 Index standard plastic lenses are the industry’s basic material.
  • Trivex 1.53 Index lens that offers superior impact resistance. Due to its superior strength, it makes a great choice for today’s stylish eyewear frames.
  • Polycarbonate 1.59 Index lenses are characterized by their durability and impact resistance. They are tough, shatter-resistant, lightweight and ideal for everyday use. They are more impact resistant than plastic so ideal for sport, protective eyewear & rimless.
  • Thin 1.6 Index thin lenses are 25% thinner and lighter than standard 1.5 lenses. All coatings can be applied and all tints can be applied too. They are meant for people with moderately strong prescriptions.
  • Super Thin 1.67 Index thin lenses are 33% thinner and lighter than standard 1.5 lenses. All coatings can be applied and all tints can be applied too.
  • Ultra Thin 1.74 Index thin lenses are 50% thinner and lighter than standard 1.5 lenses.

At Reglaze4U we offer a wide range of single vision glasses, with prices beginning from £25. If you are interested contact our expert team today.