Varifocal Lenses

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Varifocal Lenses


Our standard varifocal lenses which have a scratch resistant hard coating. These entry level varifocal’s are ideal for first time wearers. Good all-round vision with a smooth progression through the zones. Areas of soft focus towards the edges of the lens.

Please note: Standard Lenses are only available for Fully Rimmed and Semi-Rimmed frames.

Visio Digital

Digital technology has opened a whole new world of opportu-nities in lens production.

Digital surfacing of lenses, is truly revolutionary. The unparalleled precision of this technology enables us to create a virtually infinite number of optical combinations and develop a superior design.

Visio Digital offers:

  • Better contrast for natural vision.
  • Wider field of vision.
  • Very quick and easy adaptation.
  • Improved visual lens performance.
  • Balanced design for Myopes, Hyperopes and Emmetropes.
  • Soft Multi Design.

Better Adaptation with Visio Digital

Bifocal lenses have two focal points. Thus the wearer has better far vision, but there is no intermediate vision. Visio Digital however have multiple focal points. The wearer gets perfect near, intermediate and far vision and the vision is not restricted to specific zones but it is smooth.

Nova Plus

Introducing Nova Plus Digital Technology

Digital technology has resulted in numerous lens advancements and stands to be one of the most dynamic technological innovations in the manufacturing of eyewear. For the first time, the wearer can actually receive a corrective lens designed especially to accommodate his or her exact prescription.

Unique Digi Contour

NOVA PLUS offers clear and distortion free vision. Nova lenses are manufactured using digital machines and are based completely on your eye’s prescription so that every surface is ground to exact specification resulting in clarity which has to be seen to be believed.

Nova Plus Lens: Wide and clear distance and near zones with reduced distortions at the periphery.

Conventional Lens: Narrow distance and near zones with higher distortions at the periphery.

Abberration Filter System

Nova Plus lenses have an Aberration Filter System which allows natural vision over the entire surface of the lens.

Natural and clear vision at the periphery along with reduced distortion. Distortion can be seen at the periphery with conventional lenses.

Binocular Balancing

With Binocular Balancing, calculations are made to connect all the points in the peripheries of the pair of lenses to create the smoothest power transitions possible.

Conventional Lens: Unwanted distortions when the image is viewed from nasal and temporal sides at the same time.

Nova Plus Lens: Nova Plus offers clear vision at all zones of the lenses, eliminating unwanted distortions even when the images are viewed from nasal and temporal sides at the same time.

Back Surface Aspheric design

NOVA PLUS is a back surface aspheric design, meaning the prescription is closer to the eye compared to conventional lenses. This is how you get wider and more natural vision when compared with a conventional lens.

Conventional Lens: Higher order of magnification with smaller vision zones.

Nova Plus Lens: Reduced magnification with wider vision zones as the whole prescription is closer to the eye.

Wide View Occupational

Occupational lenses are designed for working professionals who need glasses for near vision work, yet need the added flexibility and range to see things a bit further away than a normal reading distance. People, who develop presbyopia at around the age of 40, lose the ability to focus properly at multiple distances.



Buy Varifocal Lenses Online

At Reglaze4U, we offer a wide range of varifocal lenses that can be fitted into your current glasses frame. Varifocal lenses are designed to correct both near and far vision, and are ideal for people who need reading glasses but don’t want to carry around multiple pairs. Our lenses are available in a variety of different prescriptions, so we can provide the perfect solution for your vision needs. And because they fit into your existing frame, there’s no need to buy new glasses.