If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to update your glasses, reglazing may be the perfect option. Reglazing is a process that restores the original appearance of your glasses by removing scratches and chips from the lenses and replacing them with new glass. With reglazing, you can restore your glasses to their original appearance without having to replace them.

Getting glasses reglazed is a great way to save money, but it also has other benefits that make it worth the investment. Here are some reasons why you should consider this option:

No need to spend money on a new pair.

No one likes spending money on things they don’t have to, especially when it comes to glasses. If your prescription has changed, you can opt to have your lenses reglazed instead of buying a new pair. And if you’re considering reglazing your glasses, one of the most common questions is whether it’s worth it. The short answer is: absolutely! 

Reglazing is an affordable way to keep your favorite frames and have them look brand new again. It’s also a great option if you want to get an upgrade on your lenses but don’t want to have to replace all of your frames with something new and different.

Fast turnaround and less hassle.

When you send your old glasses to us for reglazing, we’ll make sure everything is done quickly for you. We know how important it can be for someone who needs their glasses to be functional immediately, so we’ll get them back to you as soon as possible with no hassle involved.

Besides, getting glasses reglazed is much faster than purchasing a new pair from scratch because it involves less work from both parties involved in the process (the eye doctor who performs the procedure and the optical lab technician who does the actual work). Plus, there’s no waiting around for shipments.

With many frames fitting styles, the turnaround time for reglazing is usually pretty fast (usually less than two weeks). There’s no need for any additional appointments or hassle at all—just send us your glasses, and we’ll ship them up when they’re ready!

Get a thorough and high-quality lens fitment.

One of the best things about getting your lenses reglazed is that it’s done by an experienced optician who will ensure that your lenses fit perfectly into their frames before sending them back to you. This means that every single component fits together seamlessly for optimal vision quality and comfortability.

A reglaze can also help make sure your lenses are perfectly fitted to your face and eyes. The reglazing process involves removing the old lenses from your frames, polishing them, and replacing them with new ones. 

When you get your glasses reglazed, not only will they be as good as new with fresh lenses that are properly fitted for your face shape and size, but they’ll also come back with UV protection (depending on your choice)—something that many people forget about when they’re buying new frames.

You can keep your favorite frames.

If you have a pair of glasses that you absolutely love, but the lenses are too old and yellowed, getting them reglazed is a great way to restore the look of the frames. You won’t have to buy new frames, which is a huge benefit for anyone who’s tight on money or doesn’t want to spend it on something new when they already have something they like so much.

You don’t have to worry about the style or design of your glasses anymore because you can keep your favorite frames and just get the lenses replaced. This is a great option if you want to save time from shopping around for another pair, especially if you want to stick with one pair of frames instead of changing them every time there’s an update in their vision requirements.

Easier to get a lens upgrade.

If you’ve recently had your eyes examined and found out that your prescription has changed significantly, it can be hard to find new glasses with lenses that match your updated prescription. Getting reglazed lenses means that you’ll probably be able to get a higher-quality lens than what was originally in your frames—and at a lower cost too! This is especially helpful if you’re looking for progressive lenses, bifocals (or any other type of specialty lens).

It’s easier and faster than going through the whole process of choosing a new pair of frames, getting fitted for them, and waiting for it all to happen before they can start wearing them comfortably again. Plus, when you get your glasses reglazed, there’s no need for them to be sent back and forth between an optometrist or eye doctor—the whole process can be done in your home!

You get to save time and effort from shopping around.

Shopping around can be stressful, especially if you’re on a tight budget and want something that won’t cost too much money. However, with online optical shops, all you have to do is visit their website or call them up, and they’ll take care of everything else for you. All you have to do is sit back and relax while waiting for your new glasses.

Also, when you’re looking for an optometrist, there are many options available to choose from within your area. However, if you don’t know what kind of services they offer (like reglazing), then it can be very stressful trying to find someone who does this specific task just right—and sometimes they might not even exist! With Reglaze 4 U, all you have to do is call us up and tell us what kind of service you’d like (reglazing), and we’ll take care of everything else from there!

You can have a reliable service provider.

There is no doubt that glasses reglazing is a great way to keep your favorite frames and lenses in good condition. But you need to find reliable service providers if you want to get the best services without having to spend too much money on them. You can choose from numerous providers in your area or online that offer reasonable prices and good quality services. 

When you go through a professional for your reglazing, they’ll ensure that the work is done correctly and professionally. You don’t have to worry about being scammed or having your lenses fall out after several months of usage because these providers are licensed and insured. You’ll also be able to get expert advice from their knowledge base, so if you need help choosing a frame or lens type, they’ll be able to guide you toward what works best for your lifestyle and face shape.

Looking To Get Your Glasses Fixed?

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