Get New Glasses Lenses Fitted In Your Frame

Do you like your current glasses but your prescription has changed? Fitting new glasses lenses to your existing frame is a process called reglazing.

A process that typically takes between five and ten working days, getting new glasses lenses is easier and cheaper than you may think.

All you need is your new prescription (dated in the last 2 years) and you’re ready to go. For more information on your prescription then please click here. Choose your lens type from the options below to get started.

Also don’t worry if you get stuck or have some questions, call us free on 0845 644 0180 and we’ll be more than happy to help out.

Prescription Reglaze Glasses Buy Online UK - Reglaze4U

Single Vision

Choose your single vision lenses & buy online.

Prescription Reglaze Glasses Buy Online UK - Reglaze4U


Select from our bifocal range and order online.

Prescription Reglaze Glasses Buy Online UK - Reglaze4U


Choose from our varifocal range and buy online.

Need new lenses but don't want to buy online?

Click here, send us your details and we will post you a FREE, no obligation reglaze pack.

Servicing the optical industry for over 20 years, we have acquired a faultless reputation for our service and workmanship and our customers think the same…

John said..

Superb customer service

Superb customer service, Reglaze4U could not be more helpful and they have a telephone number that can be used to sort out any problems. My glasses were reglazed as requested, postage is included in price. After cataract surgery I needed only one lens replaced in several pairs of glasses, all was happily arranged. Emails answered in minutes, so different from the company that actually made up my glasses in the first place.

Ms R said..

This company is brilliant!

This company is brilliant! I was annoyed I had to change my glasses prescription as I loved my old glasses. Also had bought a vintage pair with no lenses. What to do? I found Reglaze4U online and they were fantastic! I managed to get my glasses new lenses and the service was seamless. Will definitely be using them again. Thank you.

Karis said..

Excellent service

I didn’t want to pay a lot for prescription sunglasses so I bought a pair of normal sunglasses from the high street. I emailed Reglaze4U to see if they could fit a prescription lens in and they were very helpful. They even called me to double check a query on my order and advised me on what would be best. I received my sunglasses within a week and altogether cost less than £50! Very impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to use again, thank you.