Tailored to your personal lifestyle, the range of HOYA iD Lifestyle 3 progressive lenses offer highly accurate vision and much wider fields of view than conventional varifocal lenses.

Available in three design variations, you can choose a lens better suited to your own unique lifestyle:

LifeStyle 3 Indoor
Ideal for those who spend a lot of their time indoors, looking at mobile devices or reading.

LifeStyle 3 Urban
Designed for people who are dynamic, always on the go but also enjoy reading books and using their mobile devices.

LifeStyle 3 Outdoor
A first choice for those who spend much time outside and drive their car a lot. Reading is not your first choice in their spare time.

The HOYA iD Lifestyle 3 range also boasts four unique technologies that perfectly suit the visual challenges of modern day life for varifocal lens wearers.

Binocular Harmonization Technology
Perfect & effortless focusing, constant stability and excellent depth of vision

Binocular Eye Model
Unprecedented binocular performance in a dynamic, digital world

Integrated Double Surface Design
Minimized visual distortion and reduced eye movements for more related vision

Swim and sway reduction
Feeling more secure when moving around

Available in four thicknesses – standard, thin, super thin and ultra thin, and with options for polarised and Transitions too, why not treat yourself to one of the best lenses we stock for wearers of progressive lenses.

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